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We have various types of classes available depending on what you're looking for.

We focus on HIIT sessions, body conditioning & holistic well-being.

Yoga, meditation, Personal Training and group sessions we also give a 1:1 session if required.


Yoga Group Classes

8:00pm - 9:00pm


10:00am - 10.50am

Fitness Holidays in the sun


What is Primalivin all about?


Ever been on a crash diet trying to lose weight for a holiday? Or joined a gym and went for a few months and then gave up?? .... in fact are you still paying for the membership?


Does any of this sound like you? Well, that's what Primalivin is here for. We want to help people who have tried all the fad diets and fitness regime and are at the point where they're ready to try something which will help change there lives.


What we do you ask? Well, firstly we mold our packages to suit our clients. There is no set programme that fits all. We start with a 2-week diet plan which you do yourself and we ask you to add any emotional eating behaviors.  Then we create a package which works for you. At the moment we have boot camps, run club, yoga & meditation.  The idea of this programme is for people to make lifestyle changes not temporary fixes.


Scared of trying something new? Well, that's the thing you're not alone! Many people feel nervous about trying new challenges in life.

At Primalivin

We make sure that everyone that attends our sessions gets to make new friends through meetups, fitness challenges and our fitness holidays.


Over the next year we will be organizing Boot Camps, yoga in the park, fitness retreats abroad, challenges such as the 3 peaks challenge and many more.



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